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Product List
hotfix motifs
hotfix rhinestuds(octagon)
hotfix rhinestone
hotfix nailhead
Product Price List
LASER Motifs
Rhine Stone & Pasco
Rhine Stud
Nail Head
Cats' eyes & New wheel
Ring stone/Fancy stone
Special Shape Metal
Very very Low price
Rhinestuds price (USD Gross) Rhinestones price (USD Gross)

2mm 0.012 0.006 1000 2mm (SS6) 0.045 0.022 1000
3mm 0.018 0.009 500 3mm (SS10) 0.045 0.022 500
4mm 0.042 0.021 200 4mm (SS16) 0.12 0.06 200
5mm 0.083 0.042 100 5mm (SS20) 0.21 0.11 100
6mm 0.165 0.083 50 6mm (SS30) 0.42 0.22 50
Company Information

Keywords:China hot fix motifs&rhinestones/leadless rhinestones/hot fix rhinestone/hotfix motifs.
Doing business in China, the most important thing is a large quantity. Not afraid of your high quality requirements, the requirements of low prices, the most important thing is the order quantity must be tremendous! The most important thing is to resolve the huge labor and the employment issues. Once you need the huge production capacity, I can speak firmly: " come to China." Here, it is not only to buy the unexpected beyond ultra-low price products, but also you can find the high-quality, high-standard products as your requirements.
We are a professional manufacturer of hotfix motifs, located in Guangzhou, china.mainly engaged in production of hotfix motifs using rhinestones, hotfix rhinestuds, nailhead, etc.
Business areas:
1.Manufacture rhinestones and hotfix motifs.
2.Sale rhinestones, Swarovski, rhinestuds, hot fix motifs, hotfix nailhead.
3.Export various jewelries of apparel accessories, such as hotfix tapes, Resinous rhinestones, laser motifs, hotfix pictures, lace rhinestones, hotfix machine, etc.Environmental rhinestones and SGS certificate: lead and cadmium content is less than 1ppm.
With over 2000 square meters area and 1600 workers, our factory and branches have the capability of large-scale production and fast shipping. The ultra-low price and high quality ensure us to your the first choice.
Our advantages:
1. Unique un-distorted package.2.Good reputation
3. Ultra-low price: only 30% of market price.
4. Quality guarantee: any quality problem, all will be in our responsibility.
1.Hot fix rhinestones (Quality: Swarovski, Prociosa,DMC, AAA,AA,A.Size:SS4,SS6,SS8,SS10,SS12,SS16, SS20,SS30,SS34,SS40,Color:Many colors,please check our color card)
3.Hot fix Rhinestuds(Quality: AAA, AA.Size:1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm.)
Hotfix Rhinestuds Color:please check our color card.)
4.Hot fix Nailhead(Quality:AAA,AA,A.Shape:Round,Diamond,Holl,Recta Ngle.Tear)Drop.Trangle,Heart,Square,Hexagon,Cross,Star,Half Moon,and so on.
hot fix Nailhead Color:please check the color card) fix tape(Quality:silicone, acrylic.
We are a hotfix manufactory in china. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact with us. We can offer you the samples for free.
Chinese website:;
American website:;;;
As a leader of hot fix rhinestones and motifs manufacturer, Guangzhou Yaxing hot rhinestone&fix co. Ltd, passed environmental inspection of products in first.
1.Compare with environmental rhinestones, our price is not higher, as same as common one.
2.The Lead content of our environmental rhinestones is less than 90ppm, some individuals no more than 100ppm.
With flat bottom, clear cutting side, distinct edges and corners, Yaxing environmental rhinestone shows a unique special and natural feeling. Our leading of domestic technology make our quality and technical production stunning in the world.
Yaxing environmental rhinestones withstand any environmental test. The symmetry size, Stable quality, Low defective rate, Ultra-low price, what are you waiting for? Welcome to order now.
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Name: LASER Motifs
Spec: FREE
Name: hotfix machine
Spec: 38*38cm/40*60cm/other
Name: LACE rhinestone
Spec: 2L/3L/4L/5L/6L....25L
Name: SWAROVSKI Hot Fix Stones motifs
Spec: Free
Name: Chest decorative flowers
Spec: 45*90mm
Name: Eagle-hotfix motifs
Spec: FREE
Name: NAILHEAD COLORS-rhinestone
Spec: FREE
Name: Czechic hot-fix rhinestone(CZECH REPUBLIC)
Spec: Free
Address:A1221# the Huizanshidai building Xingang middle street Guangzhou,China Tel:(0086)20-89014402-hotfix motifs production;;; Hotfix rhinestone;Hotfix motifs;Hotfix automatic machines;Hotfix rhinestuds;hotfix motifs;hot fix motifs;hot fix rhinestone;hotfix rhinestone;hot fix rhinestone

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China hot fix Motifs&Rhinestones|Hotfix Rhinestone|Hot Fix Rhinestone|Hotfix Motifs|Swarovski|Korean Stones|Hotfixrhinestone|Hotfix Sticker|Hotfix Rhinestone|Hotfix Motifs|Hot Fix Rhinestone|Hot Fix Motifs
China Hot Fix Motifs&Rhinestones|Hotfix Rhinestone|Hot Fix Rhinestone|Hotfix Motifs|Swarovski|Korean Stones|Hotfixrhinestone|Hotfix Sticker|Hotfix Rhinestone|Hotfix Motifs|Hot Fix Rhinestone|Hot Fix Motifs
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